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Avec Moi Probiotics Mouthwash
Avec Moi Probiotics Mouthwash
Avec Moi Probiotics Mouthwash
Avec Moi Probiotics Mouthwash

Avec Moi Probiotics Mouthwash

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Is your mouth really clean? Dental surface accounts for merely 25% of your total oral surface area. The remaining 75% of oral surface area (e.g. gums, oral mucosa, upper/lower jaws, etc.) cannot be thoroughly cleaned simply by brushing teeth, and those hard-to-reach areas are more likely to breed large amounts of bacteria.
Just brushing tooth is far from enough!
Research shows most oral problems are caused by bacteria.
You will be constantly plagued by various oral problems if you don't clean your mouth thoroughly and restore your oral flora balance even if you brush your teeth every day.
Avec Moi Probiotic Mouthwash cleans your mouth area that toothbrush can hardly reach, helps reduce harmful oral bacteria and strengthen teeth. Probiotics adhering to tooth surface help reduce harmful oral bacteria, strengthen teeth and make gums feel more comfortable and healthy.
Avec Moi New Generation Probiotic Mouthwash is formulated with unique probiotics ADP-1. It is Alcohol-Free, Mild and Hypoallergenic. It is soft-textured, safe on enamels, easy and convenient to use. Fresh, sweetish peppermint flavor leaves mellow aftertaste and a breath of fresh peppermint scent in your mouth.

Brand: Avec Moi
Product Name: New Generation Probiotic Mouthwash
NET WT: 15.9 FL.OZ 473ml
Origin: China
Shelf Life: 3 years (Expiration date is shown on package.)
Benefits: Formulated with patented probiotics, helps clean mouth and freshen breath.
Fill bottle cap by half, pour into mouth, gargle for 15 seconds to let probiotics work well, spit out.
It is unnecessary to rinse your mouth after using mouthwash.